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Everything is normal again

Some of the Titans are giving me odd looks, after what I did to that--that ryni'hss who wore my beloved's face. They have never understood.

I was raised to be a warrior--not merely in drill, for one does not go to the Warlords of Okaara for that. My world had been at war with the Citadel since before the time my parents came together in joy. Had I not been used as the coin to buy peace for our people, I would have stood in the vanguard to drive the invaders from our land and sky. I would have killed and died (if necessary) praising X'hal for every victory.

When I led troops in our civil war, in defense of my parents (all honor to them), I did not use the flat of my sword, for the enemy would not have offered me such discourtesy. I mourned the waste of it, I raged at the insult offered my parents by my own sister's hand, and I made offering to X'hal in memorial to the dead on both sides.

So it will not trouble my sleep to remember that I have slain this creature, this Face, who enthralled me into his bed, who had my son's life in his hands for a week, who wanted me enslaved to his passion. If he is truly slain. A creature like that may even escape the starbolt. It does not matter. If he lives, and he comes near us again, I will not permit him to harm my family. X'hal, requite me against this creature should I fail.


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Dec. 16th, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
I think we're all pretty shaken. I know I am. And Donna seemed...well, there was a lot going on she wasn't going to say, though I gather the request to "remove Terra's statue" was something pretty serious.

I...washed the blood off my hands after Gar woke up. I'm still confused about how to view my own actions. I know you and Mar'i operate on some different moral codes - agreeing on a lot of things, but drastically opposed when it comes to views on violence.

Part of me is ashamed. You're punished for even self-defense in Clearwater. Decking a tourist who groped my rear got me exile for a week. The punishment for trying to kill someone? Wouldn't be surprised if my parents would have to declare me dead to them or something.

Part of me doesn't feel a damn bit sorry for her, though, and kinda agrees with Gar that she earned what she got. Terra was someone who stood for the kind of world, values, and power structure I've been raised to - and still will - oppose with everything I have.

I respect you, Kory. You've been through a lot, and you're pretty wise. I haven't forgotten how you and Mar'i both made me feel welcome in your home. Meant a lot then and still does.
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